700 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

We are currently closed.
We look forward to welcoming you again in the future.


T: (310) 620-9917
Reservations: host@onda.la
Press: press@onda.la
Inquiries: hello@onda.la
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Famous Bury Caesar

Romaine, boquerones, Garrotxa, Bub’s breadcrumbs (gfo)

Onda is an interculinary restaurant from a California chef and a Mexican chef that are redefining traditions. Meaning wave in Spanish, Onda is proud to be in Santa Monica, dedicated to the farmers markets, the development of flavor, and the warmth of genuine hospitality.

Executive Chefs

(Contramar, Cala)

CDC: Balo Orozco
(formerly of: Hartwood, Sqirl, Cala)
GM/Somm: Erin Rolek
(formerly of: The Bachelor Farmer)
Pastry Chef: Jess Stephens
(formerly of: The Modern, Empellon)
AGM/Beverage Director: Mackenzie Hoffman
(formerly of: The Four Horsemen)
Senior Sous: Victor Barron 
(Formerly of: Republique)
AM Manager: Daniel Martinez
(formerly of: Manresa Bread)
Lead Bartender: Kyle Bailey
(formerly of: Amor y Amargo)

Rice Pudding Vegan rice pudding with coconut milk, California dates and hemp flax granola.

Rice Pudding

Vegan rice pudding with coconut milk, California dates and hemp flax granola. Can be served cold or warm. (gf, vegan)

Nicoise Salad  Shu butter lettuce, soft boil egg, marinated olives, weiser potatoes, marinated romenesco, snap peas, radish, achiote smoked trout, crispy trout skin, and an oregano dressing. (gf, vo)

Yogurt and Granola

Organic yogurt, granola with Imperfect Produce mango, candied coccoa nibs, fermented honey* (gf, vo) Shown with added fruit

AM Treats 
Cajeta Linzer and Dried Plum Cake (gf)


Kernel of Truth tortillas made from Tamoa corn, arbol & confit tomato sauce, crema, cotija, scallion, shaved onions, and a pair of fried eggs (gf, vo)

Masa Ricotta Pancake 

Masienda corn pancake, ricotta cream, Sqirl blood orange hibiscus marmalade, powdered sugar (veg)